How to capture video from a mini-DV camcorder

I’m trying to capture video from a Sony camcorder (bought about 18 years ago) to edit it on Shotcut. It’s a mini DV digital handycam. I connected the DV port on the Sony to the FireWire 800 port on an iMac (running Mac OS High Sierra 10.13.6).
I switched the camcorder to VCR and played the video, then went to Open Other in Shotcut and selected Audio/Video device, but nothing appeared. I tried turning the video recorder on and off, and disconnected and reconnected the cable, but it didn’t make any difference.
If anyone has any ideas I’d be extremely grateful. I can use a Windows 10 laptop if that makes things easier.

Did you receive any software with the camcorder for transferring data to a video file on the computer? Have you looked on the Sony website for advice e.g.

Once you have the video file on your computer you can then use Shotcut to edit it.

J’ai aussi un vieux caméscope Sony DV.
Connecté sur le port FireWire du Mac, Quicktime le reconnait. Aller dans préférences > Onglet Enregistrement > Source Vidéo.
Ensuite Fichier > Nouvel enregistrement de séquence
Lancer l’enregistrement (Bouton rouge) et démarrer la lecture sur le caméscope.
Le fichier .mov fourni par Quicktime est compatible Shotcut.

I also have an old Sony DV camcorder.
Connected to the FireWire port of the Mac, Quicktime recognizes it. Go to Preferences > Recording tab > Video Source.
Then File > New sequence recording
Start the recording (red button) and start the playback on the camcorder.
The .mov file provided by Quicktime is Shotcut compatible.

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Many thanks for your prompt and helpful replies.
I checked the Sony website as you suggested and it said to transfer the data using iMovie. So I downloaded a legacy version (easier said than done), imported the video to iMovie, saved it to .m4a and then opened it on Shortcut. Problem solved :smiley:
When I tried to record using QuickTime the video appeared on the screen but it said it couldn’t record it, and QT crashed repeatedly. Thankfully iMovie did the job.
Incidentally, for Mac users who haven’t yet downloaded iMovie, you can only get it from the App Store if you’re on Mac OS 10.15.6 or later. If you’re on a previous version of Mac OS, you need to download a legacy update of iMovie (9.0.9) and enter several lines of code:

It’s a bit fiddly but it works. To open Terminal, press Command-space bar to open Spotlight, and type Terminal.
Thanks again for all your great work. Shotcut is a gem!

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