How to capture live audio/video (Webcam) to file?

So far the steps below is what I am trying. Can someone tell me where I’m going wrong, or give me a quick set of steps that should work.

I have a video showing in Shotcut. I perform these steps to try to send the audio and video to a file:

1) I click Export. ->
2) I select mpeg4 -> 
3) I click Capture File ->
4) I put a filename output.mp4 -> then click Save

At this point, the video disappears from the screen. The output file has 13.6K.

I would like to be able to start a capture session from the webcam and be able to monitor what’s being captured. After a certain amount of time click on an option to stop the capture, then be able to playback the video.

My system is as follows:

OS: Ubuntu 16.04
Shotcut version: 17.12.03
Webcam: Logigitc HD 720p USB

– L. James

L. D. James

Where did you choose this (preset, format, or video codec)? Why did you choose this? Try using the lossless/HuffYUV preset.

That is not available.

Maybe you should try Open Broadcaster Software for this kind of task, it’s specially made for live recording of footage from all kind of sources.

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Hope this isn’t too far off topic …Can video be captured in Shotcut that is played back on a Hi8 tape format camcorder connected to the computer through the ‘Firewire’ (IEEE 1394) connector? I’ve tried to do this in Shotcut but the camcorder device doesn’t even seem to be visible anywhere. Is ‘video capture’ available in Shotcut?

You did not state your OS, but I think it is obvious that it is only available if it is listed. We do not like to revive old threads and closing this.