How to capture dv video with canopus advc110

Hello, Please help me , how to capture video from analogue VCR with Canopus advc110 AD converter with shotcut!? ON video input I only have the AV/C tape recorder player hardware, but on audio just my sound cards line in (with no other possibilities)

, but there is no audio from canopus!
I got picture,live video without sound! On other capture software (like DVIO,captureflux, or in Edius soft it works, got video and audio)

I would be surprised if FireWire capture works in Shotcut. Use the other software you mentioned.

It works, have preview, and records the video, but no sound!

OK, thanks anyway! If it wont captures on that way, then I must first capture with other soft and then all editing, encoding in ShotCut! It is wonderfulll!!! <3

I see. On Windows, we list DirectShow audio and video devices and ask FFmpeg to capture the devices you requested. (H)DV over FireWire is a wonderful different beast that combines the audio and video in one source. The way we use the FFmpeg API is video-only from the video device and audio-only from the audio device. It is not clear to me if the problem is our FFmpeg API usage, or FFmpeg is unable to handled a combined audio and video device on Windows DirectShow. You see, on a webcam with a builtin mic or a capture card with line-in, you see the same device listed for both video and audio to choose them, and it works.

However, I strongly encourage you to find a tool that will transfer the DV data and not decode it so you can re-compress it. DV is already compressed, and FireWire is like a network card. For example, on Linux, I was the lead developer of dvgrab many years, and that is how it works: transfer the data and simply write the data to a file without heavy realtime transcode. It looks like DVIO does that but also ScenalyzerLive 4.0 20060412 Free Download - VideoHelp

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