How to auto line up pictures to audio length

I make videos with many pictures and each picture has audio to go with it. The audio’s time is variable.

Is there a way to auto line up the pictures to be the same length as the audio files. Manually stretching out each picture to same length as the audio clip below it is destroying my sanity.

The audio and pictures have the same file name if that helps.

I feel like there is a easy way to do this I just haven’t worked it out.

This probably won’t work for your current project, unless you want to start the project over. For future projects you might try this approach to get your pictures and your audio trimmed to the same length.

Add an image to Shotcut . Click properties tab and set the duration to say 10 minutes or any duration longer than the longest audio clip. Then click set default, add the image to the playlist using the + icon or shift a. Any subsequent images that you bring into Shotcut will use that default duration that was set.

Add the audio clips to the playlist.

Create a video track and an audio track. Put the images on the video track, the audio on the audio track.

Set the play head to the home position. Select the video track. Use alt + right arrow to seek to the first edit point on the audio track.

Press shift O to ripple trim the image. Repeat seek and ripple trim until all images are the same duration as the audio.

Keyboard shortcuts


Sauron you have saved me so much freaking time you dont even know!

last video I had to sort 170+ images with the mouse.

Thanks alot, really appreciate it!

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You’re welcome.:smiley:

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