How to apply dark GTK theme?

Hi there, i was wondering how/if i am able to apply the dark system theme.
I configured Gnome to enforce the dark default theme but when i choose “system theme” in Shotcut,
it still uses the bright one (isn’t this even GTK2?).

I wonder about this in the first place because fonts are partly bad rendered on GTK when using the default themes - my main issue here is that disabled menus have a sort of double-shadow or something, it looks just bad.


Try to set the theme to Fusion Dark with Shotcut settings.


It is already.
You may noticed this oddly rendered font like in User Interface in your screenshot - this is what i wanna get rid of.

I’ve been using shortcut since early 2017. That font has always rendered like that I believe. I think it is the default and cannot be changed.

We use QT as our GUI toolkit. This strange “shadow” text effect has always bothered me, too. I looked into it once. Something is not working correctly in the QT library. I couldn’t find a way to fix it. So I keep hoping that the next QT release will magically fix it.

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Well one hope was as it can uses the “system” theme too which renders just fine, that we could use a different “system” theme such as the adwaita dark theme or how it’s called … but it’s gtk2 right?
Maybe some config can be changed to adjust the colorset?
I am able to change the text/icon behavior with lxapperance but it stay’s bright no matter which theme is selected.

lxapperance needs lxsession running in order to adjust the colorset but this would have unwanted sideeffects in my gnome environment … but maybe it’s close to the key. :thinking:

Edit: hmm gtk-theme-config was effectless at least :thinking:

No. It is always QT. When you choose a theme in Shotcut, you are just choosing a color scheme. It is always using QT to draw the GUI elements. The problem even occurs on Windows.