How to apply a same filter to multiple clips at once?

Hello there. I use Shotcut for a simple task: create image slideshows with simple transition effects. My slideshow consists of several hundred images. Dragging each image in the timeline to overlap each other is a pain, and you cannot control the exact time of the transition. Manually applying fade in/out filter on each image is totally insane.

Is there any quick and easy way to do that? Same transition across all clips is fine, but random transition on each clips is preferable.

Shotcut doesn’t have a slideshow generating feature yet.

You can use the techniques here to make it a bit easier to create your slideshow.

It is sad to know Shotcut does not have such basic feature. Thanks for your 2 suggest methods. They make it a little easier to do. Maintaining such manual edit in large quantity shall be a nightmare, though.

Every missing feature is someone’s basic feature. :wink: Shotcut does not market itself as slideshow generator, and there are specialized tools for this. I do expect this to come to Shotcut, but it has not been a high priority for the developers (who choose what they want to do and perhaps because we do not want to bore our viewers with very long slideshows and limit ourselves to several photos at-a-time). :stuck_out_tongue:

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Everyone starts with the basics, and picks a software which they think might be suitable for their needs. And when it does not, the software is considered lacking basic features. :laughing:

I just wasted several days learning how to use Shotcut, only to realize what you said above: it is not a slideshow generator. Technically it can, but the workflow is not suitable for that. I just grabbed some slideshow generators and did the job in just a few clicks. Anyway, it was fun learning, and I am now ready to do amateur video editing in the future with Shotcut.


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