How to apply a filter(s) on all clips of a single video?

Say I’ve split a video into individual clips scattered around the timeline. Now, If I want to apply filters like resize/crop/color grade etc, how can I do that quickly?

Is there a way I can have it apply to all the clips of a video at once without having to touch the individual clips?

You can apply filters to the whole track. This would include all the clips in that track.

In my example, I add the “Bass and Treble” filter to audio track A1. This will affect all the audio clips present in this track.
Notice the filter icon that appears on the track.

Yeah,I know this one. But I usually have sections of other videos also on the same track. I am looking for a way that directly applies to the video not for a track. Is there anything like that?

Not a complete solution, but will speed it up.

You can copy the filters in the first clip and paste to subsequent clips.

Yeah, that is what I do right now. But sometimes I have a lot of pieces on the timeline and Even this takes a lot of time in such a case.

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