How to add text in a video?

I cut a video in a few parts. Sometimes I let some space for adding text there (It´s just a black screen).

I added a text filter to the video and it showed the writing. I clicked on the buttom next to the timeline and put a green and a red line on my video material (from sec. 0 to 5).
My expectation was that the text only appears for these 5 sec. but I was wrong. You could see it the whole time and when I changed the trace, it disappeared completely!

I am asking for help: How to make a text appear and disappear for a special time?

Thank you!

Btw. I am from Germany so sorry for eventual language mistakes.

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Hi @ProPlayerE - welcome! This should help!


Hi @ProPlayerE

Don’t apply your text filter to the video clip
Instead, add a transparent clip on a track above your video and add the Text: Simple or Text: Rich filter to that transparent clip. You’ll adjust the length of time the text is displayed by making the transparent clip longer or shorter.



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