How to add text for a simple lyric video?

Hi! Nice to meet you all! I’m working on a simple lyric video and need a little advice. I downloaded a free animated background from a provider I found on YouTube, and I’d like my lyrics over the top of that background. I’m not looking for anything crazy, just to have a few lines up at a time while the singer is singing them. Any tutorials on how to do this? I added the song title with Text Simple and set the in and out points with keyframes. I’m not sure where to go from there, however. Thanks in advance for your help!

Have you seen this tutorial?

I’ll check it out today. Thanks!

What DRM shared is a great tutorial. If you want to further engage audience with Real-time text movement with lyrics in audio, you can take a look at this hot-from-oven video I made yesterday (It was planned for a week and supposed to come next week, but thought of helping you quicker, hence dubbed and posted last night).

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