How to add text behind an object? Is it possible to do on Shotcut?

Hello everyone, I am not sure whether I have missed some of the other topics related to this problem but couldn’t find any answers. I am currently editing a video for a project and text on a few places behind the objects would look great as I know it can be done on Premiere Pro? Thansk in advance.

It would be (almost) impossible to do, but it depends on what your “object” is. If you provide a screenshot of a frame that you want to do this on and explain in a bit more detail it may be possible. There are some clever people on the forum who may be up for the challenge.

It’s possible to put text behind objects. It can be one with images that are not too complex. It would be very difficult to do it with a video. It would require many keyframes and a lot of work.

Use 2 tracks. Put the image on both tracks. Add text to the upper track. Use multiple Masks with subtract operation to create the mask.


Good demo.

Yes this is similar to the way I did something similar for a photo image in Paintshop Pro some years ago. I too think that doing it in general for a video is pretty difficult unless for example chroma-keying was in operation and e.g. you wanted the text behind the presenter, which is why I suggested the OP describe in a bit more detail what they are aiming for.

It’s possible to do it for a video. The video has to be such that the object can be masked using the 4 available shapes.

Used 2 tracks. Video is duplicated on both tracks.
Text and 2 rectangle masks on the upper track. Keyframed the horizontal motion.


It can be possible to create a custom mask to use with Mask: From File. That can be a still that you prepare in a paint program or a video you create in Shotcut using filters against the video itself (called “pulling a key”). This is where levels and threshold filters are handy.


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