How to add items from timeline from another project


Am relatively new to Shotcut and video editing in general. I get the basics for the most part. Here is what I need help with:

I have two separate projects and I want to know how to add the video track from project 1 over to project 2, either as new clips on the same video track as continuation, or as a separate video track. Is this possible?

The reason why I’d like to be able to do this is to save some time. The timeline in project 1 has the clips already sliced and with transitions. I do not want to do this all over again for project 2.

Thank you in advance for your help.

You can use File > Open MLT XML as Clip to add an existing project to another project.


Project 1 will be opened as a clip in project 2. You can add filters to the clip from project 1 but you cannot modify the filters that have already been applied.


The clip on V3 was opened as XML. It has the credits.
The clip on V2 is in project 2.
The example shows what it looks like.

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