How to add glow effect to part of the screen in a video?

Thanks in advance.
I have no video editting experience and just start learning how to use shotcut.

I’d like to make a video with a static image and a glow effect is requested to added to a candle in the image.

I coundn’t find the answer on youtube.


Hi @hondoly

Here’s one way to do it:

  • Add a Mask: Simple Shape filter
  • Add a Glow filter
  • Add a Mask: Apply filter
  • Adjust the Position and the Size of the Mask filter. This will define the area where the Glow filter will be applied to.
  • Set Shape of the Mask filter to Ellipse
  • Increase Softness
  • Adjust the Blur value of the Glow filter if desired


Hi @MusicalBox ,

This is exactly what I need. I missed the Mask: Apply part. Now I know what it is for.

Really appreciate that.


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You’re welcome @hondoly

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