How to add GL transition to overlay HTML

I’m really new to Shotcut and wanted to make a slideshow with some swirl/vortex transitions that look like this:
I know there is a way to incorporate it into Shotcut but I’m pretty new and unfamiliar with it. Could someone please explain how to add this transition into my Shotcut project? Thanks!

HTML cannot be used for a transition in Shotcut yet. You could try to make it as a filter, but you have to figure that out yourself using the 3D Text or Rutt-Etra-Izer as examples. More information is available on the How to Make a Plugin page. Step-by-step instructions are not available, and if you need them then this is out of your level of expertise and you need to learn more basic HTML and WebGL coding first. There is potentially a way to modify the MLT XML project to add a completely custom HTML transition using WebVfx, but you need to learn a lot about MLT and WebVfx to get it done (see the links in the linked page).

Is there any other easier way to add a swirl transition?

No, and this was just talked about 2 days ago:

How can I expect you to to something yourself when you do not even take the time to look around or search?