How to add gaussian blur to outline of frame-in-frame

So I have quite a few tracks. I also do quite a bit of masking with Glaxnimate to selectively show the subjects. I think even with the most refined Bezier curves drawn in Glaxnimate, my overlaid video would look better with a bit of blurring around the edges or possibly shadows cast on the background to make for a smoother or more natural transition between foreground and background.

I don’t know that there is really an easy way to do this. I don’t think the idea of a filter on one track that effects background tracks is implemented. I might be able to add a filter to the output track (which I think effects all of them), but I’m not sure there is a clean, easy way to do it. If you have such way or perhaps even a good convoluted way to do this, please share!

P.S. if you have other suggestions to improve the aesthetic here, I’d love to hear it!

You can blur or soften slightly the edges of a mask by placing an Alpha Channel: Adjust filter after the Mask filter.

Wow! That’s awesome!

Actually, in my case, I exported each of the subtracks as webm with alpha channels before adding them to this master project, so in my case there was no mask: glaxnimate filter. Alpha Channel: Adjust still works very well!

Here is after applying this effect (snip of the proxy preview):

With these settings:


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Just as a note to anyone that stumbles on this thread, it appears that the Amount specified for the Alpha Channel: Adjust filter will need to be higher if you are rendering at a much higher resolution than your proxy (and/or preview scaling?). What looks good in the preview will not look as good in the exported video.

If you turn off proxy and preview scaling, you will get a much better idea of what the exported video will look like. It seems as though the Amount corresponds linearly (maybe?) to the number of pixels thickness around the outline to do blurring, but the same 5 or so pixels thickness at 360p is much, much thinner at 4k.

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