How to add B-roll?

I know this might be an easy question but I just don’t get it, how do we add b-roll in Shotcut? I could not find any tutorials. Any help would help, thanks.

Add a new video track which becomes V2
Add B-roll video to the new V2 track
Move B-roll video to approximate In-point, trimming as necessary.
Upper tracks take precedence over lower tracks.

A good technical handbook which applies to many editors is located here:


Thank you! I see it now. I’m so use to Premiere.

Why do you need Shotcut if you have Premiere?

I’ll contribute my reasons. I still have Premiere Elements (and others such as Magix). I loved the way it would automagically fit 2 hours of DV video into a 4.7 GB DVD. However, now I am free of contributing to Billy Boy’s pension fund by using Linux.Premiere worked very well, had keyframes and a real tittle editor. I can still dual-boot into Win7 but I am loath to do so. -=Ken=-

So you’d rather not contribute to anyone’s significant efforts by using only free open source software.
Generous of you. :smiley:

Say what?

I will try to respond as sympathetically as I can.
I have no idea why people make software available for free. I assume there is some commercial or hobby aspect to it. I do know that many commercial entities take advantage of end users and so I avoid them when possible. I was fairly happy with Windows 7. It represents the finest user interface ever. That’s why I use Linux Mint with Cinnamon UI - it’s just like Win7. When I upgraded my motherboard from 32 bit to 64 bit I downloaded the 64 bit image and tried to use my code but it said I needed to buy new! So, 32 bit and 64 bit versions are totally different? In addition Micro$oft now is reported to be spyware, sending user data back to the ‘mother ship.’ Phooey! The freedom from virus problems a definite plus. My contributions here on this forum and other forums I attend is an attempt to give back for the good quality software that is made available free. Perhaps you have a different philosophy?


Yes, 32 bit and 64 bit versions of Windows are different. For one thing, 64bit OS allows you to install and use more than 4Gb of RAM, which is a severe limit for 32bit OS.
However, more importantly in upgrading your MB/CPU to 64bit architecture you essentially have a ‘new computer’ and as Windows licenses are tied to the original hardware, you needed a new license.

Anyway, I apologise to the OP for going off topic.

Seems that now you can’t buy software, you have to rent it. I call BS on that. Spyware is correct. Blender is free and many commercial companies are using there code to improve their products. Generous of them eh? My son talked to me about a new product he had never heard of. This was in my living room with only our cell phones present. Withing minutes he was getting ads for that product. Cortana listens to you all the time and you cannot shut it off. You cannot uninstall it. I disable my microphone completely on every device I have. Same with my camera unless I intend to use it. I have nothing to hide, but I don’t appreciat eavesdropping. Bravo for free software. There is obviously something in it for the creator or it wouldn’t be available. I see that you are on this forum and isn’t this free software? I’m at a grocery store and I get a message that I’m in a photo op location. Really? That is the cost of letting my family know where I am. Bravo for Linux. Windows 10 invades your privacy big time. I have come home from road trips to find new icons on my desktop. No one was there to install anything. Think I’m paranoid? Doesn’t mean they aren’t spying on me. I don’t generally respond to this sort of comment, but if you gotta ditz someone because of your own value system, please do it elsewhere. We are genuinely trying to learn the product and don’t need criticism. I see you apologized to the OP. I too do for even responding to this. I don’t see that you apologized to kenj69. The OP should remove both your comment and mine. Shame on you.

My goodness, what an unnecessary and cockeyed rant…