How to add a video in front of the other videos


I made a film with lots of different videos. Now i want to add a video in front of all those videos, but when i try it, it just overlaps the current first video. And when i try to move that video it overlaps the second video. it is a lot of work to move all videos apart from each other, i also have multiple timelines which i dont want to mess up. So can someone please tell me if there is an easier way to do this?
many thanks!

Right click one of the track and select Selection > Select All (or just Select All on Current Track) to select the tracks you need. After the tracks are selected, click and drag the tracks to the right so you can make space for your new video

It’s probably enough to activate the Ripple and Ripple All Track icons. There is a hint in the link. You should do the opposite.

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