How to add a second video

I recorded something on my 'phone in two parts. I have edited the first part and want to add the second so that it becomes one video. Every time I try to add it to the video track or to a new video track a ‘no entry’ icon appears and it will not add.

Is there a time limit on the length of videos? How else to explain this?

Do I have to open another project for the second video?

Please advise.

This sounds like the known bug where the user interface components (not created or controllable by Shotcut) stop allowing drag-and-drop operations between the player and the timeline. Closing and reopening Shotcut (the entire app, not just the project) is the way to fix it and restore drag-and-drop. Even when the bug is triggered, the timeline icons and shortcut keys still work, so there are alternatives until you reach a convenient restart point.

There isn’t any imposed time limit on videos.

Also make sure you’re not in Keyframes.
When I first started, this goofed me for many days only to figure out I was on the wrong tab.

This is an example of what you don’t want to see.
Click the Timeline tab to be able to add another video source.

Thanks Austin,

Just tried again today and it worked.I didn’t think the old ‘turn off and on again’ would work.

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