How to add a new font to shotcut?

How do you add more fonts as I wanna make subtitles like Dhar Mann with the Aku and Kamu font

Hi @Madalitso_VM
Shotcut use the fonts installed on your computer.
Just download the fonts you need, install them and they’ll show up next time you launch Shotcut.

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Can you explain how can I do that, please?

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I just got these from Google:

For Windows see: How do I install fonts on my Windows PC? | Fontspring

for Linux see: How to Install New Fonts in Ubuntu and Other Linux

for MacOS see: Install and validate fonts in Font Book on Mac - Apple Support

Thank you very much :+1::+1::+1:

Nice. Thank you very much!!!

You should thank the creator of the video, by liking them, or by something else.
I have just linked it here.

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Can find them on Google Fonts or if not there, you can find them by searching (font name) download free

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