How to add a LIKE button animation to YouTube videos using ShotCut?

I want to add a LIKE button animation to remind viewers to hit the like button - For example see this video at 2 min 10 seconds mark, right hand bottom

How do I achieve this effect in ShotCut? I’m a newbie and would appreciate step-by-step instructions / tutorial. Thanks!

That’s an overlay.
You would just need to create the animation in another program then add it to Shotcut in a new track.

You can’t create it in Shotcut. But you can add it after creating it in another app.

Adobe After Effects or other such editor is tytpically used

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Have a look here,

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Thanks for directions!

I also found many youtube videos that show greenscreen like button animations. What are these for, are they relevant to my issue? How to use them in shotcut?

First you would need to download that video.
Then you would need to add a second track in sc…
Then, import that video, mark the in/out points of the section you want and add it to the second track (with composite toggled ON), select it and use the Chrome Key filter to get rid of the green background.

(Direct link:

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Thanks I will try this and report back.

edit. it works!

I know :smiley: