How to adapt photos to the 16/9 video format, without a black border

Hi, I would like to make videos in 16/9 format, starting from photos taken with the camera. The size of the photos is not proportionate to the sixteen noni format. Consequently, in the image that appears in Shotcut, I see two black edges that I don’t like.
I would like to ask you how I can eliminate these black borders, transforming the photo into the 16/9 format. I know this inevitably involves a cut of the surface of the original photo, and I accept this.
Thanks in advance.

Hi Carlos
My preferred method is to import the photos into a graphics program like Illustrator, Affinity Designer or the open source Inkscape. Before you import them, set the page size to 1920x1080 pixels. Import your photo and resize it so it slightly exceeds the width of the page. Position it vertically to include the parts of the picture you wish to keep (the outline of the page will show “through” the picture. Then simply export is as a jpg or png using the “page” option rather than the “image” option. The program will then output all of the image which covers the 1920x1080 page area. The resulting image will be in perfect 16x9 proportions and you get to decide which areas are kept/removed.

Alternately you can use the “size & position” filter in Shotcut - simply stretch the image so it is wide enough to cover the width of the screen and vertically position as you wish. You can keyframe it too to zoom in or out of the picture.

The first method is ideal if you wish to move the image around or use certain effects so has more possibilities, whereas the second method is quicker and requires no extra software.

Thanks QDSOV
for these useful descriptions. I’m still inexperienced with video editing. Today for the first time I am dedicating myself to these processes. I hadn’t thought of the usefulness of preparing in a folder with the photos already cut in the 1920x1080 format. Thanks again for the advice.

Hi Carlos
/ Bring down a Mpeg 4 video clip 1920X1080 This sets the screen size
/ Go to Open file and bring your picture into the playlist.
/ transfer your picture to the project screen
/ go to filters. Press +
/Go to video filters and look for Rotation .Scale Press the the Blue Title
/This now should show on the project screen with a black square black spiders
/ With the bottom right spider draw it diagonal downwards .This makes the picture proportional .
/ With the mouse press on the black blob in the centre of the screen and adjust the picture to frame the best parts of it . Drag it back to your playlist all done.
/ should you wish to save it in that size
/ Go to File go downwards to save Frame and save in the normal way.

Thanks Peter_Dore, for this kind contribution!

Not sure of your intention for the 16:9 aspect ratio format, but if you’re only seeking to publish on YouTube to share with others, YouTube changed their platform architecture last year. You can publish your video in any aspect ratio you wish with no black bars. In Shotcut, you would need to make a custom video mode to the aspect ratio of your pictures.


Thanks for information on Sincerely, I am not interested in Youtube or other similar platforms. I’m trying to make short videos made with my reflex camera, exclusively for submission to Microstock agencies.
I managed to mount some. Surprisingly, they passed the selective tests of these agencies.
I am stimulated to learn more about Shotcut potential.

Another way that is perhaps a bit simpler is to add the Crop: Source filter and click the Center checkbox. Now, you can adjust the positioning within the crop rectangle using the Center bias parameter.

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Grazie Dan Dennedy. È un consiglio molto interessante.

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