How to activate Video-Option Merge in timeline?

Dear Community,

i just want to use tehe menue at the video timeline. like in the picture below

in my programm Software Version 20.10.31 i cant see this menue

Do you knowhow to activate this view?

Thank you!

Greetings from Hamburg

My view looks like that 09JzkPFF1K|578x500

The first image your are showing is from an extremely old version of Shotcut.
You mentioned Merge, but the picture shows something different.
For Merge, it’s for clips that have been split, you’re able to merge them back together.
Right click on the first clip.

Composite is on V1 (bottom most track)

Blend modes available for any track above V1 (bottom most track).
Click on Track header, then Properties.

You can also assign a blend mode at the clip level via “Blend Mode” filter.

Over is default above V1.

Dear Hudsonn555x,

thanks for your quick response!

Your detailed answer with the first point the old Version number for the menue i asked for
was a good finding for me. So i didnt recognize the published video year (2015).

So i think slowly i find out how the piciture-in-picture mode works.

Thank you very much ! Greetings


@Hudson555x, your replies to folks here are always SO helpful and detailed. You do a great job and I for one appreciate it! :+1: :smiley:

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Thank you Hudson! That technic i looked for!

Have a nice day!


from rainy Hamburg in November! :slight_smile:

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