How to access the properties of a *clip*, not playlist item

If I drag a video from the Playlist into the Timeline and split it into several clips, how can I access the properties of each clip, in particular the duration? Right click -> Properties shows the properties of the entire playlist video (including the duration of the original source), not of the clip.

If I change the speed of one of the clips, its new duration will be shown correctly, but the other clips will still show the Duration of the original (before the splits), not their actual duration. Is this a bug?

Properties only shows the duration of the source file. It is not a bug. The easiest way to get the duration of a timeline clip is by copying the clip and then switching the player to the Source tab (because the copied clip will become the source for edit operations). In that player on the far right are two time codes with tool tips: In Point and Selected Duration.

Thanks for the solution to copy the clip and switch to Source.

At a closer look, I see now that for clips whose speed I’ve changed to something other than 1x, the Duration field reflecting duration of the source taking the new speed into account; not the duration of the clip in the Timeline.

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