How is audio different from video track

Terminology is obvious, but I’m not finding anything in ShotCut search, FAQs or tutorials that share what audio track capabilities differ from video track capabilities and vice versa. And how that might affect the “Insert track” Timeline menu option.

A video track supports video, optionally with audio, while an audio track only supports audio (videos put on it will have the video suppressed). Insert Track depends on which track is current (has the yellow highlight) and can be thought of as “insert before.”

thank you @shotcut . The course I’m developing doesn’t require video suppression. So I gather I need not share any cautions beyond directing my students to use the video track for images and the audio track for voice-over and music.

That is correct. Here is a case where you do need to suppress video and should use an audio track: music files with embedded album art. Shotcut will show the album art as video, which is typically not desirable. Placing on an audio track neatly avoids any issue with that showing when you do not want it.

Thank you, @shotcut , for the clarification and example. .

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