How does normalizing work across clips?

I have the same audio recording cut into multiple clips.

If I independently put the ‘Normalize: One Pass’ filter on them, will it treat them as one clip and normalize once? Or will it have to normalize each clip every time? (I don’t know how normalization works)

The “Normalize (One Pass)” filter works by calculating a running average. You need to apply the filter to each clip and it will treat each clip independently.

Alternately, you can put the “Normalize (One Pass)” filter on a track and then it will normalize all the clip on that track.

There is a tutorial here that might be helpful:


Tested this today and it actually appears that each clip would start off loud even when the ‘Normalize: One Pass’ filter was set for the whole track. Not sure what to do.

Yeah. I see what you mean. When you put the filter on a track, it watches for discontinuities (like the start of a new clip) and it resets the averaging window.

A workaround is to add the filter to the Output of the timeline instead of of the track:
The side effect of this is that it applies normalization to the entire project, not just the one track.

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Thank you for explaining and I’m hoping in the future it can work for every track. I added a compressor to the track and it does make the audio more consistent after it gets normalized.

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For the next release I added an option to the filter for the discontinuity reset. For this scenario, you could disable (uncheck) the option and the analysis would not be reset between clips.