How do you put together 2 clips and lock it?

Hi there,

so i downloaded today Shotcut. Its amazing, for beeing even free! I have no experience with video editing.

My Question: I have 1 video clip i recorded. I cut it several times to match my idea, and now i want to put it back together and lock it. So thats my problem. I cant find anywhere a button or something, where i can lock it again. Im sure there should be an option, but im too stupid to find it =(

Help :slight_smile:

No idea what you mean by ‘lock’.
If you have sliced out portions and what to remove any gaps, right click the gap and choose ‘Remove’.
After editing the footage on the timeline you simply export to a new file.

In the picture Steve posted, there is an icon near the left edge that looks like a lock. Click it to lock that track. Then, you can add a new video track to work on other parts of your video. To add a new video track, click the first toolbar icon in the picture above that looks like 3 lines. It opens the Timeline menu from which you can add a video track.

Yes, if the OP asked to lock a ‘track’ ? However the OP asked to lock two clips together. A track might contain many clips (as implied by the OP’s comment “I have 1 video clip i recorded. I cut it several times”).
Clarity from the OP would be useful.