How do you make a comparison video?

could there be a video of someone doing a tutorial on how to make a comparison video using shotcut

Could you explain what you mean with comparison?
Displaying two videos side by side?
If you have an example, that would help as well.

 yes side by side ![comparison|222x120](upload://pHYuRWdu2q8vNCX6y4DUWNpDEuS.png)

What you can do to achieve two video besides each other, is to use the Size and Position filter. So you have the two videos on two video tracks and use on both this filter, resize the videos and align them side by side.
Do you need screenshots of that?

By the way, the picture is not visible.

yes i need a screenshot

You can make a comparison video using @samth’s method or use the mask from file filter to do it.
Depends on what you want to do.


This is using the mask from file filter on the upper track. The same image is on a lower track with saturation and levels filters applied.

Comparing the effects on the same image side by side.


With the position setting you can align the videos accurately.
Depending on what you need that might be too simple. @sauron’s method is a more sophisticated route.

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