How do you export the dca audio codec?

I was working with a file that had a 5.1 DTS audio track and saw that in the Properties menu that track was recognized as a “dca” audio codec. So I decided to try an export that audio track using the dca audio codec but in every single attempt so far the export has failed. I tried exporting it as just an audio file using DTS listing in the list of formats and making sure to write “.dts” in the file extension during export and also I tried exporting it using both the matroska and mp4 formats but with the video turned off and they all failed. So how does one go about exporting the dca audio format?

And is dca really the equivalent of dts?

Finally, can Shotcut be updated so that when you change the format in the listing and hit “Export File” Shotcut will automatically have the file extension written? It works fine for when you select a preset but when changing the file format yourself from the menu it leaves it blank when you are supposed to write the file name.

From the failed job log:

[dca @ 00000000058d0480] The encoder ‘dca’ is experimental but experimental codecs are not enabled, add ‘-strict -2’ if you want to use it.

Go the to Export > Other tab and add a line strict=-2. Now, it works.

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