How do you add the symbol "="

Hi! Wanna ask for some help with adding texts in Shotcut :sweat_smile:

Whenever I try typing the symbol β€œ=” while adding a text to a video, it just keeps disappearing.
I have tried adding the " \ " symbol at the front, but it still wont work

Am I missing something? Your help would be appeciated
Thanks :grin:

Hi, works for me. Must be something wrong with the way your text is set up on your system?. Does the equals sign work for you in other progs (eg Notepad)? You could try typing β€œCharacter Map” into Windows search (if you are on Windows) and try copying/pasting the equals symbol.

Which version of Shotcut are you using. There was the following fix in the latest (2004):

Fixed = in Text: Simple filter ignores all text before the sign (broken in v20.02).

As @Elusien has pointed out this has been fixed with version 20.04.12.

There has been a few posts with this issue, and I’m linking them there so others can easily find the posts and thus be able to find this issue has been fixed.

I am using Shotcut version 20.02.17.

If you look at my earlier response you’ll see that a problem with β€œ=” in the version you are using has been fixed in the current version (20.04). It may well be the problem you are experiencing.

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