How do I zoom in?

In a clip that I’m making, I’m wondering how I can zoom in on his face. I’ve never edited or made a clip before, so non-tech answers are much appreciated. If there isn’t a way, might I also ask if there is a way to create a shadow on the screen, where everything but a select space and size would be cast in shadows? Thank you for any help :smiley:

The “Size and Position” filter can be used to zoom.

I’m not sure what you mean by “shadows”. you just want some parts of the picture to be darkened?

I think the “Rotate” filter is the one used to zoom.:confused:

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The “Rotate” filter does have a zoom option. The “Size and Position” filter will also zoom if you click the “Fill” button. I prefer that one because you can use the handles on the preview to change the zoom and you can move it around.


Learned something new today. Thanks.

You’re going to have to demo that one. I can’t see any way of zooming with that filter, Brian.

Thanks Brian.
But wow, that’s a messy method. :smiley:
It’s super laggy on my system, controlling the selection rectangle and trying to position it precisely is next to impossible even with a 720p source video.
I much prefer the other method, I can zoom in on 4K with it.

This method can yield a much higher magnification than the Rotate filter.:+1:

Yes, if there is a way to darken some areas. And how do I add filters? I click filters, but can’t hit the + or do anything to use the size and position thing.

Not certain of your meaning here, perhaps you mean a vignette?
If not, kindly supply an example.

You need to select a clip on the timeline or the video track itself then hit the plus to add a filter.



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Great tip Brian! Looks very easy to use, gotta try it!

Thanks for this. I was just searching for zoom information and came across this timely thread.

A related question. Using either the Rotate and Scale or the Size and Position filter I get a fast transition to the zoom setting. Is there a way to make it more gradual? Or at least some other transition filter which concerning make it seem less sudden?

Adjust the keyframes:

Closing this thread as it is old and answered.

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