How Do I - Two Clips Once (Like a permanent dissolve)

Is there a way to have to clips playing at the same time? Think the opening of “Apocalypse Now” - the guy is upside smoking a cigarette and a scene of Vietnam is playing at the same time.

Also, what is the longest dissolve possible? If I try and make a long dissolve it just overwrites instead. Thanks!

One clip on V1
Another clip on V2

Opacity filter on the V2 clip.
Set keyframes for start at 100, and end at 0.

Thanks! I did start messing with Opacity and Mask: Simple Shape to get something useable. But it’s no “Apocalypse Now” :slight_smile:

It looks like there is i many layers, with different opacity and some masking,
It is hard to redo that, it is a work of expert editor, the footage used and the color grading has a big impact on the result, so a lot of practice is needed.

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To what I see, It is actually possible to create with shotcut, but to some extent.

Anybody can make it if they are experienced with there software, even when they don’t know video editing and compositing that well, this also depends on the footage, like where the man is sleeping on the bed, he has a pitch black color to the right of our viewpoint, which makes it easier to create those mid transparency scenes possible, plus the fired forest has some manual masking going on, and they may have used premiere for that, I mean they have masked out the blast fire and trees, then have nested it so that they can use it in another shots to create a slide up transition.
The masking is possible in shotcut, but you will need a lot of image editing, and a lot of masked frames to combine and create a mask, because you can only use mask: from file for detailed masking in shotcut right now.

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Haha, Back in 1979 where the movie was from they did not use Premiere or other digital stuff.
Adobe was first founded in 1982.
It was a all analog, by layering strips of film on top of each other, that makes it even more impressive.


I thought it was made in 2000s.

TimLau- That is what makes it truly a work of art. It was all film back when this was made. So impressive.

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But they did have a machine that accepted two pieces of film and then, by use of faders, the two different clips were blended together. The editor was Walter Murch. I have watched ours of videos from him on YouTube. If you are unfamiliar with him I suggest (to anyone interested in editing) that they search for him on YouTube.


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