How Do I Stop Removed Files from coming up as "missing"?

When I delete files from a project, every time I reopen that project I get a message that the files are missing. How can I stop this from happening? I thought that this would be fixed by deleting the file from the Playlist, but I still get the missing file alert.

That’s strange.
You delete these files in Shotcut first?

Let’s say I record a clip, put it in my timeline, then decide I don’t like that clip. I delete it from the timeline, put in a new clip with a new name, save the project. Next time I open it, It will show me the files I deleted as “missing.” In an a-ha! moment, I tried deleting the files from the Playlist but that didn’t work either.

Look for a transition or clip on your timeline with that file. You may need to be zoomed in all of the way to find the transition. You’ll see “INVALID” displayed on the clip or transition.


Shotcut 23.11.29

No this happens after I’ve deleted the clip from the timeline.

Can you upload your project MLT file? No media is needed. Just list the name of at least 1 of the files.

I’m guessing there is a sliver of a transition (probably just a few frames) somewhere on your timeline.

This has been happening to me for years. I guarantee you that that is not the problem. To test I have just deleted a file (selected the file on the timeline, then pressed delete) then saved the project, closed Shotcut, went to the location on my hard drive where I kept that file, deleted that file, then reopened Shotcut, reopened the project and I get the missing file error.

I removed the file from the Playlist, saved the file, then reopened the project again and did not get the error. Perhaps this is the correct way to solve the problem after all? When it “didn’t work” for me previously, I bet I removed from the Playlist file name. mp4 when I needed to remove file name - converted.mkv without realizing.

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