How do I slow the speed of the playhead to match my audio?

How do I slow down the speed of the playhead to match my video clips?

Can you give more info? I don’t understand your question.

I am making a video with pictures and audio but when I export my audio to shotcut, the pictures and video are long completed before my audio and its not telling the story that I envisioned.

You can slow down the speed that video plays at by selecting the video clip and clicking “Properties” and then adjusting the speed. (If you have both videos & still pictures, though, I’m not sure if this applies to still images.)

Can you please attach a screenshot of your Shotcut timeline, including if possible the video AND audio tracks so we can see what is happening? I am still unsure of the problem you are having. Is the audio too long and continues to play after the photos have finished?

Thank you. I have both videos and still pictures…

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