How do I set up an external drive as my Projects Folder

Hi, thanks for your answer about proxy clips in my last post.I really appreciate the help.My next question is about setting up all my video and photo projects on an external drive. I have an 500GB ssd formatted in fat that I want to use as my working/projects drive. But when I try to set my external drive as project folder,the external drive is not seen by Shotcut,only the internal drive on my computer. How do I set my external drive as the project folder for my video projects?
Thanks Again,

You don’t say which OS you are running on, nor which version of Shotcut.

It works for me on Windows 10 using Shotcut 21.10.31 see below. I changed my project folder froma folder on the C: drive to the external E: drive without any problems.

Click the button next to Projects folder whose label is the current folder path.

Then, choose your external hard drive and folder. In case the external drive appears, you need to ask your operating system because Shotcut has no control over that.

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