How do I Screenshot from MP4 Video


Can anyone tell me how to screenshot on a MP4 video?
And to past it onto a different software, such as “Paint”?? Or does it has it’s own format to export
the screenshot from an MP4 video???
MP4 to JPEG for example.

NOT that I’m trying to screenshot a video frame
from MP4 video. I’m trying to make multiple
screenshots on one MP4 video. Which I could
select frames to export.

Hope all helps with answers.

Thank you,

  1. Open the video
  2. Select the exact frame
  3. File → Export → Frame (Default is a PNG file unless you change the extension)

Repeat the process for each single frame you wish to export.

There is no copy/paste from Shotcut to Paint. Just open the exported PNG or JPG files in your graphic software.

If you want to export the whole video into individual images, then you would go to Export, then Select from the Presets, a “stills” preset for what format you desire.
And this is how they will be numbered:

You can use Markers to make a finer selection of video frames to export if you don’t want the entire video.


Hey Hudson555x,

Thank you!!! It works GREAT!!!

I looked at your profile and notice that
you’re also a video editor.
Can I discuss with this with you on a
private e-mail or “strictly conservations”???


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