How do I Resize Exported Frames Without Black Borders

Good evening.
I was trying to resize the resolution of a video file and then export it as a .webp file, but the image comes out with a black border at the edges.
The video’s original resolution was 716x480 with an aspect ratio of 636:480, but I wanted the resolution of exported images to have a resolution of 640x480 and an aspect ration of 4:3.
When I change the export settings to be just that and then export a frame out of the video, I get black borders at the very edges.

Just use a custom preset of 640x480,with 4:3 as the project resolution and aspect ratio instead of automatic.

The export setting will automatically change to to same, you might have to resize the clips if copy pasted from the original mlt (I am not exactly sure, maybe you don’t have to) , otherwise if you are redoing the whole project it will automatically fit the screen if the aspect ratio is basically the same in both in size.

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That’s what I did, create a custom preset first and then popped the video file into the bottom timeline to export it, but that’s how I got the above screenshot with the black borders at the edges.
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Since the aspect ratios do not match, you need to stretch or crop the image if you do not want black edges. Which do you prefer?

Based on your specifications, there are only two options.

  1. Crop the source.

  2. Distort to the aspect ratio.

Change nothing in Export Advanced.

The image I created for this demonstration:

Source image:

I did say I am not sure about resizing part, you might have to, or not. And I clearly mentioned if the aspect ratio is same in both, then only the clips will fit. Otherwise like others say here, you should use the size, position and rotate filter. Set size to 640x480.

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