How do i move a clip quickly?

Its annoying having to drag clips half a mile just to place them next to another.

Is there a shortcut?

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Hi @Sorlucs
Try this method.

  1. Click to select the clip you want to move
  2. Click the UP arrow button in the timeline toolbar OR Press “Z” on your keyboard. This cuts (lift) the clip from the timeline.
  3. Move the playhead where you want your clip to be. If you move the clip from one track to another, click to select the destination track
  4. Click the DOWN arrow button in the timeline toolbar OR press “B” on your keyboard. This will paste the clip at the playhead position.

When you get used to it, it’s pretty fast.

If you don’t see the video, use this link :


And make yourself familiar with the “Ripple” function and “ripple all tracks” (White circles in the tool bar above the timeline) if you haven’t yet. It help moving all clips on the right side to move at the same time the same amount, so you dont have to adjust anything further right.

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Or if you want to remove gaps between clips, just place the playhead between two clips, right-click and click Remove



@MusicalBox thank you so much!

Is there also a way to move multiple of them fast (after you ctrl+left click more clips)?

You’re welcome @Sorlucs
The Z & B method in my video only works with one clip. You can only Copy/Paste one clip at the time in the timeline.
The only way I know to move multiple clips is to select them and drag them.

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