How do I merge two video clips?

Hi, new user here, after experimenting for months with Lightworks but getting very frustrated when I couldn’t save my work!!(and also having lots of unexpected things happen whilst editing)… then recently I found VSDC, but tore my hair out when I tried just to put in a simple dissolve transition - !! So I discovered Shotcut - Great! Just what I was looking for, really enjoyed trying it out, I need to be able to do complex things but it seems so easy to implement everything.

BUT: I’d like to merge 2 video clips together. Clip one will be a tranquil seaside shot, and I’d like to have a few seconds of war action overlayed with it (OK I know, sounds a crazy idea but it’s for a video to go along with some music I composed…).

I added a second video track which appears above V1. V1 is set to composite, V2 is not. The 2 clips have been placed at the same starting point on the timeline. However, when I hit play all I see is the V2 video. Can I merge them together so I see both playing, and can I alter the mix of the two to make one stand out more (or less). Grateful for any help. So far it’s an amazing program, keep up the good work!

Use the Opacity filter.

Thanks Steve, will experiment with that tomorrow.

I think that’s the other way around, V1 doesn’t need to be set in composite but V2 should be.

Actually not, V1 does if V2 needs to be overlaid and V1 to show through/mixed (using the opacity filter on V2)

Thanks Steve and sismeiro - worked a treat!
Just to confirm, V1 set to composite, V2 not.
V2 (top track) opacity filter applied and reduced to 41%.
I found that applying opacity filter to V1 clip as well as V2 clip (and reducing level) was helpful in getting the right mix.
Playback in Shotcut was very slow and stuttery, due to high CPU demands I imagine (in effect playing two videos simultaneously?) , so maybe best to work on short section, render, then import back into project?

It could be an option if you use a lossless export profile to later add as a video to your project or you can save this part of the project and later “Open MLT XML As Clip…” to add it to the other project parts. This way it will be seamless integrated without exporting it.

I was not that helpful but is good to know that you were able to put your vision into the video. :slight_smile:

Thanks, sismeiro.
That’s a very useful idea which I had not thought of. Will investigate! :grinning: