How do i make sound "Old Timey"?

im trying to make some audio sound really similar to some old black and white TV sound using shotcut. what audio filters would i use to achieve this effect?

Hi @thatoneXman

You could do it only with the Bass & Trebble filter I guess, but here’s my try with the High pass and Low pass filters + the Gain/Volume filter

Apply these audio filters:

  • High Pass
    Cutoff Frequency: 1000
    Rolloff rate: 1
    Dry: 100%

  • Gain/Volume
    Level: 15,0

  • Low Pass
    Cutoff Frequency: 2500
    Rolloff rate: 6
    Dry: 100%


Of course, you can play with the settings to adapt the audio to your liking.

Here’s the result of the effects applied to a scene from the movie Darkest Hour

And to a scene from 3rd Rock from the Sun


wow, that actually works really well. thanks!

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You’re welcome. Glad I could help.

Great results - like it!
You could also overlay some noisy audio like from an old grammophone and even apply some noise to the video (size will increase quite a bit).

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