How do i make something look like its night

Plz, help it’s for a short film and I want to make it looks like its night because of it being recorded day time.

Doe this help?

I have tried, but it just makes the colors dark and hard to see, or maybe I’m not doing it correctly. if there is a specific way for the colors

The video should give guidance in order to accomplish the task. It will be down to your own interpretation of how you want the darkness represented. A combination of Brightness, Contrast & Colour Grading should get you near your desired goal.

You could probably provide a screen grab of one of the clips and someone can give you the exact color grade settings to put in the selection boxes.

My meager attempt.
I am sure there are better ways of doing this.
shotcut_2020-09-23_12-50-51 shotcut_2020-09-23_12-51-21
Video Mode: 1920x1080
V1: Source Image

  1. Crop:Source
    Center checked: Center bias
  2. Brightness
    Level: 66.3%

V2: Open Other: Color - Black #FF000000

  1. Opacity
    Level: 89%
  2. Mask: Simple Shape
    Operation: Subtract
    Shape: Rectangle
    Horizontal: 50%
    Vertical: 100%
    Width: 79.00%
    Height: 33.00%
    Rotation: 0
    Softness: 100.00%

Avec les filtres:
Etalonnage des couleurs

With the filters:
Color Calibration

It may be necessary to use the Gradient filter to substantially lower the brightness of the bright areas while leaving the dark areas untouched. Kind of like Hudson did with the rectangle mask, but Gradient offers more subtlety. Once the brights and darks are closer together, then Lightness from the Hue/Saturation/Lightness filter can equally drop the brightness of everything. Will probably have to lower Saturation slightly as well to prevent bright colors from dominating. Then use Color Grading filter to push the shadows towards blue. Raise the Midtones black and white slider if needed.

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