How do I make my images play for more than 4 seconds?

I’m basically making a podcast.
I recorded my voice, it’s 45 mins long.
I want to stretch the image out to 45 mins
I have the audio on the audio file and the image on the video file.
I click on the image and get properties
I change the duration of the image from 4 seconds and click enter but nothing happens…
what am I doing wrong???

actually I lied, something does happen, the screen goes black for a moment and then the property thing resets itself to 4 seconds

Changing Duration in Properties does not work with images already on the Timeline. It does work while the image is still in the Source player. It does not work on the Timeline because what is it supposed to do with clips to the right of the image if the new duration exceeds the amount of blank space? Overwrite? Stop short? Push the clips? The image clip works like adjusting the duration of any clip on the Timeline: drag one of the ends.

ah… I see… thankyou