How do I make glaxnimate animation background transparent?

I had followed @MusicalBox 's tutorial on glaxnimate before and after I was done with the the animation on glaxnimate.rawr
I would export it back to shotcut and + add the Alpha adjust filter, and click inverse box (and mode, no change or blur)
then that would show the animation on top and show the clip at the bottom as the background of the animation would be transparent.

Now after I downloaded the new version 22.09.23, I can’t make the animation background transparent again and the track below is covered now.

So does anyone know how to do it in the new version, or maybe I forgot a step?

Hi @hala123freelancer
I think the video you are referring to is the one I made showing me testing the Mask: Draw (Glaxnimate) filter.

There is a difference between Animation (Glaxnimate) and the filter Mask: Draw (Glaxnimate).

An animation is usually overlaid on top of other video clips. A mask is used to hide (or make transparent) some parts of a clip.

Did you try to create an animation or a mask?

Hey sorry about this, I opened another window of shotcut and the rawr file worked and was transparent without any filter at all. thanks for replying anyway.
And what I usually do it open it via the glaxnimate filter so I can see the background preview, then I would save it as a rawr file and re-export it, because that’s the only thing that works for me. I’ll try to delete this topic now.

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