How do I make a slide show?

Thanks. It was some while ago that I downloaded the software and can’t remember how I dd it. I probably used the link you highlighted.

Hi Guys thanks for all the help especially to Neil for suggesting I use another piece of software - job done and finished so signing off.

It’s good to hear you got it finished. I would also say, for people that come across this in the future, that if you don’t plan to do any more complicated type of videos in the future to just try using something more basic. I would say to use Windows Movie Maker (if you are on Windows), but they no longer have that up for download. You could try the Photos app, though I haven’t tried it yet. My guess is it should be able to do roughly what you want. Thanks for the heads up on PhotoStage. Shotcut is more complicated. It can do way more, but definitely isn’t geared for basic slideshow projects.

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