How do i make 8 video's into 1

I am very very new at this. I have in my playlist 8 videos that average about 1 minute each. How do I make the 8 videos become just one video. Thanks for helping this 81 year old man trying to learn technology.

hello Rick! i’m not sure if this is what you mean, but you can simply drag each video, one after the other, into a video track. (right click on the timeline and click “Add Video Track”)
I hope this helps!

If you don’t intend on doing any editing, you don’t need a video editor for this task.
Just use a Video Joiner application. There are lot’s of them freely available on the web.
100% Free, Safe and Clean Video Joiner
Gihosoft Video Combiner is totally free to use. It’s 100% safe and clean, contains no adware, spyware, bundled software or any other malicious codes.

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H Steve
Thanks for your help. I used the one you used as an example but the videos are sideways. How can I correct that situation?
The video’s are not sideways in Shotcut and all the videos are in order, ready to make all of them into one video. But how can I use Shotcut to turn all those videos into one.
Thanks for helping this old man trying to learn new things

Is it video from your phone!?
In future, hold your phone in the landscape position when using it as a ‘camera’. :slight_smile:

@Terabyte_Axis Already answered this for you (above)