How do I insert a clip or audio clip before zero

How do I insert a clip or audio clip before zero? I want to add something to the beginning of the video.

Hi @slamdink

  1. Select the track where you want to add the new clip.
  2. Move the playhead to the very start of the timeline
  3. Drag your new clip from the folder to the Preview window. If the clip is in the Playlist, double-click on it. It will start to play in the player (Source tab)
  4. Click on the Ripple all tracks button
  5. Click on the Paste button.

These steps will copy the new clip in the clipboard and paste it at frame 1 of the timeline. And since Ripple all tracks is ON, the clips on all tracks will move to the right to make place for the new clip.

Don’t forget to disable Ripple all tracks after you’re done.


Alternatively, if you are using drag-n-drop to drag clips to the timeline, turn on Ripple on the timeline toolbar.

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