How do I follow another users on the forum?


There are so many good contributors on this forum and many provide great insights about Shotcut - how can one follow other user on this forum? So that we can see all their posts and also read the posts that they like/reply on the forum.

Thank you

I’\ve not tried that, but if you click on the user’s avatar (mine is the scuba-diver) then click on the large version that appears in a pop-up, then you can see that person’s activity and ther is an icon saying “Invites”. This may be what you are looking for, but I don’t really know for sure - try it with my avatar.

From the Discourse forum:

There is no Follow feature on the forum, but there is a plugin the admin can install:

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Most website use the Follow feature - including Twitter, FB, LinkedIn and most Social Media apps - It would really help most contributors collect ‘Fans’ and encourage others to share more content :smiley:

I don’t like that idea. It would turn the forum into a competition which is not what any of this is about.

This isn’t a social media site. It’s a message board for discussions and help.

If you want to “follow” someone on this message board, just bookmark their user page.

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I meant ‘Tutorials’, I am a relatively newbie to Shotcut and have been watching tutorials on YouTube, but then I found this forum - this is one place where when you find the tutorial you get a chance to thank the contributor and ask them questions as well.
Newbies and experienced users would share their tips and tricks more often - its NOT about competition.
Bookmarking a user’s page is different than ‘Follow’, following automatically brings up all the posts they made and the posts they commented on - that way newbies get to discover new things about Shotcut.

You suggested a “follow feature” and brought up social media sites. Those sites use that kind of feature in order to hook people to keep using their sites and apps to get more followers.

People who are in this forum helping newbies and helping to make Shotcut better are doing this voluntarily. We don’t need any more encouragement to contribute. We’ve been doing it for years because we want to help Shotcut improve and help others have the best experience they can with the program. That’s our motivation.

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I will not be installing the plugin because the more plugins installed the more difficult it is to maintain the forum software, and this feature request is not important enough.

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