How Do I Export Properly?

So, I just finsihed clipping together a video on shotcut for the first time and when I go to export the video, it finishes and when the file is played in a media player all there is to see is a black screen. I’m exporting as a .mp4 file and the quality is set to 100% (it worked the first time I exported it as a .wmv file but the quality was garbage so I cranked it up to 100). The project plays just fine in shotcut, but something is happening during the export process. What could be wrong here?

See this.

I just rendered it again at 95% and I got a video that is playable but it stutters with the audio and video every couple of seconds. I’m gonna try rendering at 90% to see if it helps, unless this is a different problem that someone is familiar with on here.

Try disabling parallel processing.

Where do I do that?

Edit: nevermind I found it

Finally got it to work! 90% processing and parallel processing off. Thank you so much for your help. Not only do I have a nice video, but I can finally get all of these videos off of my harddrive.

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