How do I do a 'push-off wipe' transition effect?

I wish to have the next scene push the previous scene off the edge of the frame. This is because I want to synchronize this with a particular action in the frame by an actress.

This is how Steven D Katz describes this transition effect in his book “Shot by Shot”:
p323 1st edition: “Another variation of the wipe, the push-off or push-over, has the incoming shot “pushing” the outgoing shot from the frame so that it appears to be moving intact across the frame. This differs from the traditional wipe in which the the new shot appears to move over the one it is replacing.”

Place the clips on separate video tracks overlapping for one second. Add a Size, Position & Rotate filter to each one with the “Slide Out Right” preset on the first clip and “Slide In From Left” preset on the second clip:

These presets use what is know as “simple keyframes” which look and operate like fade in/out controls in the Keyframes panel. So, if you want another duration than 1 second, you need to adjust these accordingly (as well as the clip overlap).

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Thank you, muchly. :slight_smile: I’ll screenshot your answer. Except I’ll reverse what you wrote to have the new scene slide in from the right, pushing the previous scene out on the left.

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