How do I create a loop in Shotcut?

How do I create a short video loop for my video?

Are you talking about repeating a section inside a video or repeating a single video continuously?

I’m talking about repeating a single video continuously

That will be a function of the player not shotcut. Something like VLC can handle it

Seems like it could [/should] be in Export>Other(tab)>[meta]
The user simply types the loop command, which could also include a time index…, the exported file then performs in that way by default… - wishful thinking though.

Outside of GIF, other file formats, like MP4, AVI, WMV are not repeatable on it’s own accord.
Actual dedicated video players, like VLC as @D_S had stated, will loop your video. VLC is a very powerful resource. You can create playlists, and can loop several videos together.

You can also loop them inside of Chrome & Firefox. Just drag/drop file into a browser window.

In Google Chrome

In Mozilla Firefox

Not sure about IE, or Edge, Opera, or Safari.

The esssential point is that there’s a meta-information editor in Shotcut export options, and the probability the exported file is being sent for someone else to look at means it would be a boon to have this functionality and offer it up pre-configured as intended to loop…

Video looping is a functionality of the player (VLC or HTML5 etc.) which displays the video, not the video itself. There is no standard metdata (e.g. for MP4) that says “Play this video [N] times (or infinitely)”.

See here below for additional useful information:

Thank you - Noted in earlier replies - there is development potential to that end though…

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