How do I convert my video to Mp4?

I need Help.
I have a video and I don’t know how to convert my video from MLT XML to Mp 4.
If I want to save my video, it’s not available
I can only think I can retrieve the saved video in Mp4.

Pleas Help Me,

In Shotcut version 18.11.18 :

Click the Export button at the top right, or there may already be an export tab near the bottom left.
Choose a preset, say if you’re exporting to YouTube, click Youtube.
(YouTube preset saves to the MP4 format, you’re wanting)
Then click “Export File”.
Choose your save location if you desire, and then name your file.

The MLT XML file is not a video file. That is your project save file, which you can edit later if you so desire.

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Please be aware that the defaults (click no preset, click Reset, or click Default) also gives a MP4 that is very suitable for YouTube. Default will be smaller than using the YouTube preset with nearly the same quality.

Thnaks for Support :smiley:

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