How do I change the speed at which a video is playing?

Dear Shotcut and its community,
How do I change the speed at which a video is playing in ShotCut? I want to be able to do slow-mos for some parts of the video, and speed up other parts of my videos I edit in ShotCut.

Much Obliged!

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Hi, you need to take a look at the keyboard shotcuts available:

Some of your questions should be answered there. I usualy use the PgUp and PgDn to move second a sencond and the arrows to move frame a frame. You can also press the L twice and the video will go faster.

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You will find the playback speed in the properties of a clip.

Select a clip, click properties from the toolbar, and below comment, you will see speed. Increase or reduce the speed of that clip by adjusting that property.

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  1. In the main menu make sure “View/Properties” is enabled (“i” icon).
  2. click on the clip you want to change the speed for.
  3. In the properties tab, manipulate the Speed parameter, press enter to confirm if you type in the number.

As a video:


Yeah, but that changes the pitch. How do you disable pitch shifting?

i’ve yet to speed up an audio track digitally or analog without the pitch being raised with the speed, and as you’ve noticed…this is what happens when you speed up a portion, (or the entire), video. it goes with the territory, as it were, anyway…what i’ve been doing is muting the audio, (if any), in the portions of my video projects where i want sound, but i don’t want the increase in pitch, (usually a voice over or something that i’ve pitch corrected in another .wav editor), opening an audio track in the playlist, and bringing the .wav into the timelline in that fashion, (syncing it up with the video, of course). i haven’t had any luck at all with .mp3s…but .wavs are working exceptionally well. bear in mind that audio i’m bringing into the timeline is resource i’ve either created, or edited in a .wav editor. as far as i know, shotcut does not a way to disable pitch shifting, and i’ve had no luck at all with the rebuild audio function…hope this helps

That’s exactly what I had done. And the whole time I had to deal with hardcore input lag and just a slow program in general, which has gotten slower the more that I’ve used it and worse on my newer computer which is superior in every way.

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If you have a video of any length to which you have applied several filters then you can expect a review lag as the program has to apply those filters to each frame in ‘real time’… That’s serious work for the CPU even at 24 frames each second, worse still when you have higher frame rate and/or have also changed the speed.
Every NLE on this earth will struggle.
The way many pro NLE’s handle it is to create a proxy file, which is an optimized version of the media for edit reasons but the original file is used when encoding the finished product. Shotcut doesn’t have this feature, but you can easily create this idea manually. (Search the forum for the methods other’s have described)
Remember that the ‘Preview’ panel is not to be considered a real-time playback monitor when you have many clips, tracks and filters. Lag is normal.

Sadly this only works directly on footage and not on clips imported from .mlt XML.